We Buy Gold

Striving to pay top cash prices for your gold and paying more than any written offer you've received.

We Buy Watches

Buyer of all valuable watches.

Why Sell Now?

If you have jewelry you no longer wish to wear, it's a great time to sell! Gold is at a historic high, and will sell for more now than at any other time.

There are many places who will buy your gold, but how do you find one of the top and trusted places to go? Icebox is the answer!Even consumer advisor Clark Howard suggests to sell your jewelry to a privately owned jewelry store, rather than a "We Buy Gold" store. Icebox also pays cash, unlike other stores.

Call us today at 404.842.0266.

What does Icebox buy?

We are always buying any form of gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. That means white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, diamonds of all sizes and shapes, silver coins, silver flatware (spoons, knives, forks, plates, etc), in all purities (10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt and anything in between). If you have some jewelry and you're not sure if it is real or fake, we encourage you to bring it in anyways, and we would love to go through it with you piece by piece to separate the real from fake at no charge, whether you sell to us or not. The types of items Icebox buys:

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  • Chains
  • Necklaces
  • Wedding Bands
  • Engagement Rings
  • Class Rings
  • Tangled Chains
  • Bracelets
  • Cocktail Rings
  • Unmatched Earrings
  • Charms
  • Lockets
  • Anklets
  • Pins
  • Brooches
  • Cuff Links
  • Medals
  • Coin Pendants
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold Teeth
  • Broken Diamonds
  • Broken Jewelry
  • Damaged Jewelry
  • Silver Coins
  • Half Dollars
  • Dollar Coins
  • Gold Coins
  • Liberty Coins
  • Gold Pesos
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Solitaire Diamonds
  • Colored Diamonds
  • Custom Pendants
  • 10kt Gold
  • 14kt Gold
  • 18kt Gold
  • 22kt Gold
  • 24kt Gold
  • Raw Gold
  • Rolex Watches
  • Cartier Watches
  • Round Diamonds
  • Princess Cut Diamonds
  • Oval Diamonds
  • Marquise Diamonds
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds
  • Fancy Colored Diamonds
  • Pear Diamonds
  • Custom Nameplates

Why Should I sell to Icebox?

Icebox Jewelry is a family owned business since 1972, and is run by the original owners. We strive to pay top cash prices to our customers, and have an armed guard for your safety at all times.We will beat any previous offers you may have gotten on your jewelry, diamonds and watches.

When selling your old jewelry, it is highly recommended to sell to a privately owned jewelry store, rather than a "We Buy Gold" store. Typically a "We Buy Gold" store will sell the gold off to someone else to use it, but at Icebox we are an in-house manufacturer of fine jewelry, so we re-use the metals and stones ourselves, making us able to pay the customer more for their items. In many cases if an item can be refinished and re-sold, you will get paid above the spot value, which a "We Buy Gold" store will never do.

If you have lots of items and are not sure what's real and what's not, we welcome you to bring it in and one of our specialists will go through them piece by piece to sort the real from the fake.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 404.842.0266. We are open six days a week, Monday through Saturday from 11am-7pm.

How long does it take to sell at Icebox?
Do I need to make an appointment?

The process of selling jewelry at Icebox is very short and simple. Our average buying transaction will take less than five minutes.

Appointments are not necessary, you can come in anytime during our business hours and be helped promptly. Appointments only suggested if you have a whole lot for us to look at it. Let's say you have drawers of jewelry you inherited and you're not sure about any of it... That's when you should make an appointment, this way we can have one of our specialists put aside enough time to go through every item with you.

How does the buying process work?

Four simple steps:

  1. We determine the karat of each piece by a simple test.
  2. We weight each group by the karat type.
  3. We check the current price of gold.
  4. We pay you in cash.

Get Directions

3255 Peachtree Road NE #2
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
  • Take 75 South to the West Paces Ferry Exit
  • Take a left under the bridge
  • Continue to Piedmont Road(approx. 4 miles)
  • Take a left onto Peachtree Road
  • After Wolf Camera take a left into The Men’s Wearhouse Shopping Plaza.
  • Take 400 south to the Buckhead/Lenox Road exit
  • Go right off the exit
  • Take a left onto Piedmont Road
  • Go through one light
  • Take a left onto Peachtree Road
  • Then an immediate right into The Men’s Wearhouse Shopping Plaza
  • Take 85 South to the Cheshire Bridge/Lenox Road Exit
  • Making a right and continue down Lenox Road for 2.5-3 miles
  • Make a left on to Peachtree Road
  • Go through 4 lights and make a left into The Vitamin Shoppe Parking Lot
  • Continue to the right toward The Men’s Wearhouse Shopping Plaza
  • Icebox is just around the corner from New Balance, facing Piedmont Road.
  • Go North on 85/75 north
  • Take 400 North to the Buckhead exit
  • Take a left onto Lenox Road
  • Go through one light
  • Take a left onto Piedmont Road
  • Go through 1 light
  • Take a left onto Peachtree Road
  • Then an immediate right into The Men’s Wearhouse Shopping Plaza
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